How Reading My Tarot Cards Gets Me Through Each Week

tarot cards

Let’s get one thing straight – I am not a witch, a psychic, a wiccan, a palm reader, or any other stereotypical person that people may¬†associate with tarot card reading.

I am merely a woman, who during my first summer separated from my husband, needed to occupy my time in order to prevent myself from seriously losing my shit. During that first dreadful summer, I decided that in order to keep my mind and my self busy, I would sign up for some online courses. I was too fucked up to leave my house in order to actually take any in-person courses (that would require showering and getting dressed, neither of which I was able to do on a regular basis yet), and besides, turns out that there are some super cool courses that you can take online that I’m pretty sure you will not find in a brick and mortar establishment.

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