How Reading My Tarot Cards Gets Me Through Each Week

tarot cards

Let’s get one thing straight – I am not a witch, a psychic, a wiccan, a palm reader, or any other stereotypical person that people may associate with tarot card reading.

I am merely a woman, who during my first summer separated from my husband, needed to occupy my time in order to prevent myself from seriously losing my shit. During that first dreadful summer, I decided that in order to keep my mind and my self busy, I would sign up for some online courses. I was too fucked up to leave my house in order to actually take any in-person courses (that would require showering and getting dressed, neither of which I was able to do on a regular basis yet), and besides, turns out that there are some super cool courses that you can take online that I’m pretty sure you will not find in a brick and mortar establishment.

Anyway, it was in a fit of desperation that I found myself signing up for a years worth of unlimited online courses. Clearly I was already anticipating this divorce to be a long, hard process. I scanned the over 500 courses available and quickly signed up for the ones that seemed interesting, potentially useful, or at least distracting enough: stress management – yes! Soap making – sure, why not? Tarot card reading…hmmm? That could be interesting. Sign me up!

It’s important to just put this out there –  I am a total believer when it comes to “these types of things.” I have been to numerous psychics – I try to go about once a year, and have never turned down the opportunity to get my cards read. So when I saw the course on tarot card reading, I was actually pretty psyched about it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with tarot cards, they may seem creepy or even intimidating, but tarot card reading truly gets a bad rap. Many people believe that tarot cards are used to predict the future, or to tell fortunes, and in many instances they are used for that, but most people who use tarot cards use them as part of their meditation practice and as a way to connect to their inner self.

After taking a basic intro course and buying a set of cards and a few e-books, I began to make tarot card reading a part of my weekly routine. Every Sunday night, I sit in bed, take out my cards, and create a “spread” for my upcoming week. After turning over my 7 cards, I write down in a journal which card I picked for each day of the week and the meaning behind it. I sometimes predict, based on the cards and on what is happening in my life, what might occur in the week ahead. Other times I just absorb what the cards say and make a mental note to pay attention to see if anything starts to make sense.

Before I read my cards for the week however, I always look back to the entry from the Sunday before and compare what I wrote down to what actually happened. Sometimes it is jarring how accurate the cards end up being, but then again, they can be open to wide interpretation.

I have found that this weekly ritual has actually helped me to deal with anxiety and stress over the last few years. During a time in my life when I often feel like everything is completely out of my control, it can be nice to feel as if I am somewhat prepared for what lies ahead, even if it’s only for fun.

I don’t necessarily take myself or any of this that seriously, if only because I’m just a novice. I will say, however, that every time I have met a guy since I’ve learned how to read cards, I have always done a tarot reading with regards to him, and so far every single time, the cards have been spot on. I suppose that makes me even more of an idiot since I ignored all of the warning signs both in my gut and in the cards.

I guess the old saying about “leading a horse to water” is pretty true when it comes to me.

If you’re interested in learning more about tarot card reading, check out the site Biddy Tarot. You will find all the information that you need to get started. If you’re anything like me, you have nothing to lose.

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