8 Hot Yoga Items To Help You Master Your Zen


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When I’m not busy fighting with men online or getting Catfished, I like to spend my time releasing my frustrations why getting a workout (I’m sure as hell not releasing my frustrations any other way, wink wink). My favorite way to de-stress is by practicing yoga. I’m a bit of a gym-a-phobe, in that I literally hate anything having to do with the gym. I want to want to be active and healthy, but I have a difficult time sticking to something, especially if I absolutely hate it. I’ve tried it all, from just hitting the gym (with and without a trainer), to zumba, to spinning, and everything in between. Finally, I found my happy place in the yoga studio. It’s been over two years since I began faithfully attending yoga classes 3-4 times a week and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better, both physically and mentally. My classes kick my ass and are very challenging but there is always a next level to get to and I am always improving and mastering postures that I was unable to do before. That, in and of itself, is what keeps my interest.

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