dating-after-divorce-dating-tips-for-older-womenThis blog is written for all of the 35+ year-old single ladies who are just trying to survive in this cruel and depressing world of Tindering, OK Cupiding, POF’ing, Matching, JDating, ChristianMingling, EHarmonizing…I think you get my drift(ing). Whether you’re back on the dating scene after your divorce, or you’re still searching high and low for Mr. Right, this is for all of you that have swiped left so many times that you’re no longer identifiable by your fingerprint. I feel your pain. I live your pain. I write your pain – preferably while drinking, so that I can attempt to help us find some of the humor in our situations. Cheers, ladies!

Disclaimer: many articles on this site are NSFW.


About the Author
Bluerobin began developing ideas for her blog after her divorce. She began secretly writing several months ago after a particularly long dry spell. She is known for saying¬†whatever is on her mind, no holds barred, and isn’t particularly concerned with offending anyone. She is willing to say what most people are thinking and enjoys using as many 4 letter words as possible at all times. When she is not laughing at her own expense, and of course at others, she enjoys yoga, the rare night out with her married friends, sorting through her unwanted dick-pic collection, and attempting to teach her dog not to pee in her house.

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