8 Hot Yoga Items To Help You Master Your Zen


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When I’m not busy fighting with men online or getting Catfished, I like to spend my time releasing my frustrations why getting a workout (I’m sure as hell not releasing my frustrations any other way, wink wink). My favorite way to de-stress is by practicing yoga. I’m a bit of a gym-a-phobe, in that I literally hate anything having to do with the gym. I want to want to be active and healthy, but I have a difficult time sticking to something, especially if I absolutely hate it. I’ve tried it all, from just hitting the gym (with and without a trainer), to zumba, to spinning, and everything in between. Finally, I found my happy place in the yoga studio. It’s been over two years since I began faithfully attending yoga classes 3-4 times a week and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better, both physically and mentally. My classes kick my ass and are very challenging but there is always a next level to get to and I am always improving and mastering postures that I was unable to do before. That, in and of itself, is what keeps my interest.

But aside from yoga being a healthy way to stay fit and release all of the pent-up shit you’ve got going on in your head, it also comes with its own really cool gear and accessories that make practicing even more fun. Here is my list of the 8 hottest yoga items that will help you to master your zen and your downward dog, and look super cute while you’re doing it! Because the gym is a pretty convenient place to meet a guy, just saying…

Disclosure: I did not receive any of these products for free, and all reviews and opinions are my own. As an Amazon Affiliate, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

1. Manduka PRO 71-Inch Yoga and Pilates Mat.

If you’re going to practice yoga, you’re going to need a great mat. Do not make the mistake of using one of the flimsy mats at the gym (gross) or of buying a cheapo mat at your local discount retail store. Your mat is the one item that is worth investing a little more money into. I’ve tested out a few mats, and I must say that my favorite, and the one I currently use is the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat. This mat is the real deal! It’s thick (and I should mention, pretty heavy – however they make a lighter version) it comes in both standard size and extra-long, as well as in a variety of colors. Manduka makes three series of mats – Maduka PRO, eKO, and LiveON, each with their own unique features. They also come with a lifetime guarantee, so you really can’t beat that! It’s bad ass!
yoga mat2. Wrist Assured Gloves

After a few months of attempting the crow pose with my scrawny little arms, I began to experience some serious wrist pain. As any yogi can tell you, nothing is worse screwing up your wrists or your shoulders, as it basically puts you out of commission. Enter my savior, Wrist Assured Gloves, or WAGS.
These gloves are made to support and stabilize your wrists during yoga, Pilates, TRX, or strength training. They have a small, ergonomic, gel wedge built into each palm that helps to prevent your wrist from resting at a 90 degree angle, which helps to ease pain and relieve pressure. I can tell you from personal experience that I felt almost no pain during my yoga session the first time I wore them. Not only did they relieve pain during my classes, but they helped my injury to heal. I still wear them in every class as a preventative measure.

3. OM LARGE EXERCISE YOGA MAT BAG – Green Full Zipper Cargo Tote
There are many reason to love this yoga bag but let’s start with the obvious – you can’t beat the price! For under $10 this bag is a major steal. More importantly, however, is that this bag has the ability to hold large and heavy yoga mats. I use mine with my Maduka PRO and it’s perfect. My favorite feature of this bag is its side zipper. I absolutely detest bags that open from the top, as it can be very difficult to roll up and squeeze your mat into those bags unless you have a thin, flimsy, shitty mat, and even then it sucks. In addition to the super important side zipper, this mat has 3 outside Velcro pockets. I personally use mine to store my WAGS gloves, my yoga strap, and sometimes my cell phone, keys, or wallet in the third pocket depending on the time of year. This bag also has an adjustable shoulder strap.

Full disclosure – the first time I purchased this bag, the shoulder strap broke within 3 weeks. I contacted the company via Amazon, and they had the best customer service! They sent me a new bag within a few days and I’ve had it for over a year with zero problems. So I highly recommend this item.
yoga bag
4. 100 % Pure Copper Stylish Water Bottle
If you’re going to start drinking the yoga kool-aid, you might as well go all the way, and drink it out of this chic thermos (well, not actual kool-aid, just water)! Not only is this 100% pure copper water bottle ridiculously awesome looking, but drinking from it has proven health benefits. Ancient Ayurvedic medical texts have recommended storing water in copper vessels and drinking from them each morning upon waking up. The copper is believed to help cure many ailments and diseases. Read more about the benefits here:
5) Headspace – Meditation App for iPhone and Android

If you really want to get that latest douchebag off of your mind, or if you simply just want some peace and tranquility after a long day, Headspace will help you learn the art of meditation.
Meditation has been known to be an effective treatment for a variety of issues including stress, worry, and addiction. People who meditate daily report better focus, well-being, and overall peace of mind.
This free app with will start you off with their Take 10 meditation program. Once you’ve gotten the basic gist, you can subscribe for $7.99 a month to get access to the full Headspace collection, with hundreds of hours of content, tailored to different topics such as stress, creativity, and relationships.
Personally I suck at meditating, but this app really helps guide you through the process and does not require you to have any prior experience or knowledge.

6) KORAL ACTIVEWEAR Women’s Core Moto Leggings

Move over Lululemon, because there’s a new bitch in town. Koral Activewear provides “high fashion looks for women with highly active lives.” A quick browse through their website will leave you drooling. Not one to ever wear my yoga attire outside of class, I would totally make the exception for these sick moto-style leggings that are party in the front, with shiny infinity fabric, and business in the back, with smooth matte Evanesce fabric. These pants are begging to be taken out on the town, both day and night.
7. Swan Creek Lavender & Lemongrass 24 Oz Candle

These are easily my favorite candles – hands down, period. Made from American soybean wax, Swan Creek Candles Co. line of products are completely environmentally friendly and all natural. I have about 10 of these bad boys around my house right now. This company makes dozens of amazing scents, it’s hard to pick just one, but if we are going with the zen theme, then this lavender and lemongrass scent is a clear winner. I keep this one next to my bed and I rarely ever light it, because just opening the lid releases the amazing scent into the room where it continues to linger. Lavender is known to help ease tension and aid in relaxation, and lemongrass is good for easing depressing and bringing about calmness. Combined these scents not only smell amazing, which I can personally attest to, but you will feel so relaxed, you might even forget that you’re not at a spa! Light this baby up while practicing your daily meditation.
8. JOVIVI® 7 Chakra Stone Bracelet Crystal Reiki Healing Balancing Round Beads

This chic bracelet combines form and function! Not only does it look great, but its crystal beads will help to balance your 7 chakras. Amethyst, Iolite, Moonstone, Peridot, Citrine, Carnelian, and Garnet all work together to help keep you grounded and balanced. Leave your beads by the window at night, allowing their energy to re-charge by the light of the moon. Click on the links to learn more about chakras and about the healing power of crystals.


Have I left any amazing items off of my list? Let me know what products you love to use in your yoga practice or to help you de-stress and relax after a date from hell 🙂 Sharing is caring!

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