Reasons Why I Will Ignore Your Messages on Dating Sites (unless you’re gorgeous…)


So let’s assume for a moment that you’re a dude. And let’s assume that you are currently on several online dating websites and apps. Now let’s take a real leap of faith and assume that you are actually looking for a relationship, and not just to get laid...crazy, I know.

How’s that been going for you?

For some men, online dating is like a virtual mall of pretty women who they can put into their shopping carts while they decide whether or not they want to buy them. Those men have an easy time finding women who will interact with them and who will actually meet them in person. Whether or not those men are totally sincere or complete dicks is to be determined, but the reality is, when it comes to sealing the deal (whether that meets getting a phone number, a date, a relationship, or just getting laid), they are successful. So why aren’t you?

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When Sally Left Harry

love story

It was over a year ago when we both swiped right. Who could have ever known that an innocuous flick of the finger would end up having such an impact on my life. Our romance, if you want to call it that, took me by surprise, since you were not the type of guy that I usually went for. I should have known when I agreed to meet you on that cold, December Thursday night, against all of my better instincts, that I was going to be in trouble. You did everything right, selling me the story that I had been longing to hear – about your desires for something meaningful, and how you were a one woman type of guy. You pursued me hard out of the gate, but I admit it didn’t take much convincing. It was on our second date, when you ordered the tuna that I said looked good (which you hate) and then kissed me in the rain under our umbrellas when I felt the butterflies for the first time. Those damn butterflies – they would stay with me until long after I wished them away.

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How Reading My Tarot Cards Gets Me Through Each Week

tarot cards

Let’s get one thing straight – I am not a witch, a psychic, a wiccan, a palm reader, or any other stereotypical person that people may associate with tarot card reading.

I am merely a woman, who during my first summer separated from my husband, needed to occupy my time in order to prevent myself from seriously losing my shit. During that first dreadful summer, I decided that in order to keep my mind and my self busy, I would sign up for some online courses. I was too fucked up to leave my house in order to actually take any in-person courses (that would require showering and getting dressed, neither of which I was able to do on a regular basis yet), and besides, turns out that there are some super cool courses that you can take online that I’m pretty sure you will not find in a brick and mortar establishment.

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Haunted by Regret


Regret. What an ugly word…

Regret is the type of word that leaves a bitter aftertaste when it comes out of your mouth. And it should – because it has such an awful connotation. To regret means to acknowledge that you have made some terrible decisions and to wish that you could go back in time and do things over.

Lately I have been having a lot of regrets.

  • I regret not fighting harder for my marriage.
  • I regret wasting my time on the wrong people.
  • I regret swiping right.
  • I regret making decisions that I am no longer sure I should have made.
  • I regret starting some relationships and ending others.

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It Takes a Strong Man to Love a Strong Woman

Strong Woman

I know I’ve told you before that when it comes to dating, that sometimes it really is the woman who is the problem. Sometimes YOU are the reason you’re still single. And I still stand by that statement. However, as we all know, sometimes it really is that douchebag that you unfortunately fell for that is the reason why things could never have worked out. Sure, we have all made terrible choices, and many times we have done stupid things that have caused relationships to fail, in which instances things really were our own fault. Other times though, we were just unlucky enough to fall for the bullshit of a guy who is actually afraid of being with a real woman. A strong woman.

And aside from perhaps ignoring the many bright red flags waving in the wind (wake up bitch!), telling you that this guy is a totally phony, falling for a guy who is too pathetic to handle a real woman…? That is never your fault!

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